Corporate apartments are a rental type in which fully furnished space is provided for short or long periods of time in lieu of a hotel stay. Corporate apartments are also known as corporate housing, executive apartments, serviced apartments or even temporary housing. They are designed to support extended business trips and have evolved to accommodate any number of needs today.

Corporate rentals are a preferred alternative to hotels in some cases for the “homey” feeling that apartments tend to lend versus a stay in the cookie cutter style of many hotel rooms while also being all inclusive. Along with being fully furnished, they usually feature a fully equipped and stocked kitchen, large bath and sleeping areas, as well as living space to spread out which can sometimes include balconies or patios. They often come with similar amenities to hotels but usually with smaller price tags compared to equal length stays in hotels – often a plus in the column of those finding the need to use them. Resort style pools, fitness and laundry facilities (even laundry machines within units), as well as utilities such as internet and television are typically included in a corporate rental.

The leasing terms for this type of rental are also very flexible. Average stays are anywhere from one to three months to as long as a year. This flexibility lends to any number of lifestyles that may need temporary housing.

Traditionally, business travelers were the users searching for corporate rentals. This typically included relocation of employees or even long term training for employees. These “short term” rentals can provide temporary homes while in search of new permanent residence or even while working to sell their old place. They’re ideal for testing neighborhoods as they are usually located in urban areas close to office or business centers as opposed to extended stay hotels which can be in high traffic or tourist areas.

In recent years as the service that corporate rentals provide expands, more diverse users find they can be effective alternatives to hotels. Among those, displaced homeowners can be placed in corporate rentals by insurance companies to mirror what they have lost. Even students and interns have found the temporary nature of these rentals to fit their needs and budgets better. Corporate rentals, being located in central urban areas, can also make extended vacations feel like one is living like a local.

So, if you find yourself sent away to an unfamiliar place for something longer than your two weeks, maybe a corporate rental is for you. Their temporary nature is only secondary to their at-home feel and low price points, easing the fear of commitment that can often be attached to housing, while providing a sensible option.

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