Trying to keep fit and in good shape while living in apartments for rent without a gym can be frustrating.  While gym facilities are included in the most popular apartment amenities, those that are without them can be a challenge to the health-conscious apartment dwellers.  

Here are 5 practical ways to stay fit and healthy without setting your feet in a gym.


The majority of corporate housing and luxury suites for rent have a community swimming pool. So, take advantage of those apartments with pools to stay fit. Swimming is a great recreational exercise for people of all ages; it improves the cardiovascular system and increases your heart rate without stressing your body.  It also tones muscles, builds strength and endurance.

Walk, Jog or Run

Running is a great way to burn more calories or lose weight quickly. Walking can also offer numerous health benefits including helping you keep a healthy weight. If you are a dog owner living in pet friendly apartments for rent, take your dog for a walk and explore your neighborhood. Walking can also help lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.


Yoga doesn’t require much space and all you need is a mat and a comfortable outfit.  Find a cozy, warm corner in your one bedroom flat and set up your yoga mat. Yoga is one of the simplest exercises that can improve health, mind, and body. Other physical benefits of yoga include — increased flexibility, maintaining a balanced metabolism, increased muscle strength and tone.

Bodyweight Exercises

You can do these exercises in the comfort of your one bedroom flat. One of the advantages of bodyweight training is to build strength without investing hours, unlike going to the gym. A short, full – body routine that includes sets of exercises such as squats, sit ups, pushups, planks and dips, with short breaks in between, can very effectively build muscle.

Biking or Cycling

Spend some time on your bike exploring your new area and new spacious villas for rent. Biking or cycling offers several health benefits. Cycling is a healthy and non-strenuous exercise that people of all ages can really enjoy. It is fun, cheap and environmentally friendly as well. Cycling is a good way of controlling or reducing weight because it improves metabolism, builds muscle and burns fat.

Living in houses and apartments for rent without gym facilities should not hinder you from staying fit with these simple and practical ways.

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