Moving to a new city or state can be an intimidating change in people’s lives. During this transitional period, corporate housing or furnished apartments are definitely a huge help. However, many people living in corporate housing feel out of place in their new surroundings and living space. Even though their corporate housing provides them with the best and modern amenities or facilities, they can’t help but feel uneasy because the place doesn’t feel homey.

Here are 5 ways to feel like home in a furnished apartment or corporate suites for lease.

1. Use your own bedding and towels.

Corporate housing and luxury suites for rent provide bedding and towels for their tenants, but if you are not comfortable with using those things and you are looking for simple comfort, bedding is a great starting point. You can bring your own sheets, pillows, mattress topper, comforters, throw blankets and towels. Choose a great room theme; be sure to choose bed sheets and comforters that accentuate the colors of the walls and carpets. The more you incorporate your personal interest in the design, the more likely you will feel at home.

2. Personalize your space.

Add a personal touch to your corporate or furnished apartment. Bring items that have sentimental value to help you with the transition like; your favorite stuff toy or coffee mug. If you don’t like the carpet, choose a rug that will complement the walls and furniture. You can completely change the look of furnished apartments for rent with a rug. You can also put your own art on the wall, a family photo, motivational poster and other wall decors that express your interest and personality. Use removable adhesives to place posters on the walls. One of the most important things that can make a place feel like home is the smell. Bring your favorite candle, linen spray or a diffuser with a fragrance you love.

3. Cook or bring familiar food.

Business corporate suites for lease offer a fully functional kitchen. When you create a nice meal in your own kitchen, you’ll feel much more at home. Having your favorite snacks around is another way to make your apartment feel more like home too. You can invite your friends to have dinner with you, and you will certainly feel better about your environment.

4. Play your favorite song/playlist.

Another wonderful way to enhance your living experience is to keep your favorite music playing throughout the apartment. Playing the right music can help fight homesickness. You can also play some music on your computer, CD/DVD player and other devices.

5. Explore the surroundings and make new friends.

Getting to know the area and the culture of the community creates a sense of familiarity. It’s good to spend some time outside the apartments for rent, so you won’t feel trapped or restless. Explore your new surroundings and neighborhood. You might also think about introducing yourself to your neighbors.

Whether you are staying for a month or year in your new furnished apartment, making your space feels like home matters. Choose to surround yourself with the things that make you feel good and comfortable.

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