Finding an apartment that fits your needs and is affordable is exhausting and daunting.  You may need to invest some time and energy into making sure that it matches your budget, interest, values and goals.

Here are some essential factors to consider when looking for apartment for rent.

1. The Rent

Primarily, you need to consider your budget before seriously considering an apartment. Do a bit of research to get an idea of the usual rental rates of houses and apartments for rent  in the neighborhood. If you find apartments for rent oddly lower than the standard rate, then this may be a red flag.  So make sure to be familiar with the market price before looking at apartments for rent and negotiating a price.  

2. The Physical Features

You should arrange to see and visit the place in-person before you finally rent an apartment.  Don’t rely on those nice-looking pictures you see online. As you inspect the apartment, check for the condition of the building like the windows, doors, walls, ceiling, power outlets, faucets, etc. Look for other sanitary and safety issues to make sure that the apartment is properly taken care of.

3. The Lease Agreement

Before signing a lease, read carefully the lease agreement to make sure it fits your needs. Make sure to check whether the lease is a month-to-month, 6-month or a one year type of lease. Be aware of how much it costs per unit and whether it is inclusive of utilities. Make sure of the date the rent is due each month and the payment options. Make sure your deposit is refundable, if the contract is renewable and if there’s corresponding rent increase, if there is a late rent policy and if there’s a grace period and who is responsible for the maintenance, etc.  

4. The Location

Consider where the apartment building is located before you decide on renting it. How is the commute? Are the essential shops and services you will need such as restaurants or shops and grocery stores in the neighborhood.  Quick access to major roads, shopping centers, restaurants and great parks makes for the perfect place.

5. The Amenities

When looking for apartment for rent, make sure that the area’s amenities will fit with your lifestyle.  Does it have a laundry facility, WIFI access, a gym, playground and other social spaces such as community pools, clubhouses and picnic areas. It’s important to determine which apartment amenities are necessary to you, and your family, before you start your search.

6. Pet Policy

Are you a pet owner or planning to adopt one in the future? Then you should absolutely look for dog friendly apartments.  However, pet policies differ widely, some property manager/landlords will charge you for a pet monthly or they will require you to pay for a non-refundable pet deposit which they can use for cleaning and repairing any damage that your pet may cause. However, keep in mind that some dog breeds are not allowed in some of the apartment complexes.

7. Guest Policy

Make sure to know if they have a guest policy. Most leases will have a clause about it and some are stricter than others.  In some places, it’s not technically permitted to have visitors for more than two weeks. Any guest staying on the property for more than two weeks is considered to be a tenant rather than a guest and they must be added to the lease agreement.

8. Emergency Repairs

Even if everything seems to work well, be sure to check how emergency repairs are handled; know if they have a 24/7 repair service. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in summer in an apartment with a broken air conditioner. While landlords are primarily responsible for ensuring the rental unit’s liveability, certain repairs are carried out by both landlord and tenants. For example, the landlord must carry out any maintenance work required to keep the rental unit livable for the tenant.

9. Security Features

Know the property security features — if the villas for rent  has a doorman, a buzzer system, and anything else. Talk to the apartment complex management, ask around the neighborhood, and check statistics on crime to find out how safe the area is. Most importantly, walk around and scout the area – even if the statistics are good, you don’t want to live in a place you don’t feel safe.

10. Parking Space

Parking should be at the top of your priority list if you own a car. Street parking can be difficult to find and costly in many neighborhoods. So it may be necessary to find an apartment with a parking garage or  lot.

Finding the perfect apartment that suits both your lifestyle and budget isn’t going to be easy, whether it’s your first rental experience or not, but keeping these essential factors in mind will help you decide the best apartment for you.

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